5’8″ – 178cm | 32″ – 82cm | 24″- 61cm | 34″ – 86.5cm | 9.5US – 39EU| Blue-Grey | Blonde

Grace is an author, actress and brain cancer activist. After being diagnosed with a Brain Stem Glioma at age 13 and given an 8% chance of survival, she moved to LA and began pursuing her goals full force. 

She gave her first TED Talk at age 15, released her bestselling book “You’re So Lucky” at 16, and spoke at the United Nations at 17.

Now harnessing her skills from her time as a Teen Vogue It Girl, she is the CEO of GRAE Inc, a luxury marketing, media & holding company based in Beverly Hills. She continues to work with Teen Vogue as well as other top brands, publications, and companies in entertainment, health and media.

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